I was commissioned to write a feature for the iconic women’s lifestyle magazine about the science of attraction, which involved an exclusive interview with prominent Biological Anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher.

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What is it that flicks the fickle switch? How can a romance go from whirlwind to tumbleweed in a matter of months, weeks or even days? 

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“People are dedicated to the fact that men are the ones walking out and women don’t understand why, but the data is that women are the more fickle sex.”  

Of course, society no longer dictates that women ‘need’ a man to survive in the sense that they used to, and many women are choosing to have children later (if at all).  According to Fisher, the inclination to be selective in love is purely biological. “Women are picker than men for evolutionary reasons like having a larger ‘reproductive burden’,” she explains. “Even in societies where females are powerful, women generally spend more time than men raising children.”


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